1. Joomag Platform Training

Course Level: Beginner | taught by Joomag Inc.
  • 21 Videos
  • 17 Texts
  • 0.5 hrs

Course Curriculum

Understanding the Joomag Platform
1.1 Course Objectives
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Getting Started: Creating a Stunning Publication
2.1 Chapter Outline
2.2 Create from a PDF
2.3 Create From a Predesigned Template
2.4 Create From Scratch
2.5 Introduction to the Crater™ Editor
2.6 Additional Material
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Joomag's Tools for Branding
3.1 Chapter Outline
3.2 Upload Your Own Logo
3.3 Viewer Customization
3.4 Link a Custom Domain
3.5 Additional Material
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Sharing Your Content with the World
4.1 Chapter Outline
4.2 Publish to Joomag's Newsstand
4.3 Embed Your Publication
4.4 Share on Social Media
4.5 Get a Branded App
4.6 Additional Material
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Sharing Confidential or Internal Content
5.1 Chapter Outline
5.2 Setting Privacy Options
5.3 Additional Material
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Track Performance with Advanced Analytics
6.1 Chapter Outline
6.2 Joomag's Advanced Analytics
6.3 Importance of Advanced Analytics
6.4 Additional Material
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Managing Subscribers with Joomag
7.1 Chapter Outline
7.2 How to Enable Subscriptions
7.3 Adding Subscribers
7.4 Mass Mailing with the Awesome CRM
7.5 Additional Material
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Selling Your Publications
8.1 Chapter Outline
8.2 How to Start Selling
8.3 Track Sales with Joomag's Sales Analytics
8.4 Creating Discount Coupons
8.5 Additional Material
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Easy Collaboration
9.1 Chapter Outline
9.2 Multiple Users for Easy Collaboration
9.3 Additional Material
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Course description

This course is designed to give you a comprehensive overview of the ins and outs of Joomag’s platform. From creating a publication to managing customer relationships, Joomag provides a solution for the entire lifecycle of your publication. By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge to effectively use our platform to achieve your digital publishing goals.

This course will go over:

  • Creation
  • Branding
  • Distributing
  • Private content / internal documents
  • Interpreting analytics
  • Managing subscribers
  • Selling publications
  • Collaboration

To access additional tutorial videos, visit our YouTube page. You can also visit the Joomag Help Center for more assistance.

Have any questions? Contact our live chat Support team. Just go to our website and click the green chat bubble near the lower-right corner of the screen to get started

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Joomag Inc.

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